Smiling is a facial expression that is formed by the work of many muscle groups in our face and makes our teeth appear. There are many factors that affect our smile. For a beautiful smile, you must first have teeth that are compatible with your face shape and lip structure. Smile design creates the ideal smile that best suits your face by combining naturalness and function with your personal characteristics and wishes.

No one should tell that the teeth you have made are artificial. If the color, shape, etc. screams that it is artificial. Then, it is never an ideal smile. Since it is not ideal, it cannot be an aesthetic smile.

Are you happy with your smile?
Do you cover your mouth when laughing?
Does the shape of your teeth bother you?
Does the color of your teeth bother you?
Have you ever wanted to have someone else’s smile?
Are you satisfied with the appearance of your gums?

Let Your Smile Be Your Advantage

We all like a bright smile. It gives us a warm feelings about that person. Research shows that we focus on the other person’s teeth without realizing it while talking and laughing. In a discordant smile, our subconscious begins to look for the reason. A bad image causes us to have negative feelings about that person. A harmonious smile provides an advantage for the success of our communication.

Factors Affecting Our Smile

  • Gender
  • Face shape
  • Age
  • Lips
  • Gums
  • Teeth

Smile Design

First of all, your inside and outside mouth photos are taken. Your panoramic mouth film is taken. The photographs are projected onto the computer screen and the smile line you want to have is determined in line with your film and your special requests. Before starting any cutting process on your teeth, mo-cap (temporary model) work is done with tooth-colored materials.

Thanks to Mo-cap, you can see what your teeth will look like when they are finished before starting the process. If you wish, you can continue the treatment, or you can give up completely.