At Dent-i Delil, our team is always with you from the moment your process begins!

We welcome you at the airport with our translator and driver, and accompany you to your hotel with our transfer team. After settling in and resting at your hotel, our team picks you up from your hotel and takes you to the clinic.


You are ready for a unique experience with our specialist doctors, patient consultants, assistants and translators!

As mentioned, your planned treatment is in the implementation phase, and during this process, our translator friends are always with you and help you stay in active communication.


We are always with you after the treatment!

After the treatment, we drive you to your hotel and ensure that you are always in contact with your patient advisor over the phone. We do not leave you alone until we are sure of your comfort! We continue to accompany you throughout the ongoing process of your treatments and provide transfer services between the clinic and the hotel!


And finally!

We hope we send you back happily! Again, the transfer team provides transportation from the hotel to the airport and we wish you a lifetime of healthy smiles!