Dent-i Delil Why Türkiye?

Dent-i Delil Health Group provides services in almost all dental treatment areas in oral and dental health, especially implant dental and aesthetic dental prosthesis applications.

With the natural sense of responsibility that comes with working in the healthcare field, we have helped many national and foreign patients with the same understanding. He is always aware of the opportunities offered by technology and offers the latest treatment to patients. It makes plans to ensure the sustainability of all functions lost by the patient by restoring the phonetics and aesthetics with a holistic approach. Dent-i Delil in Istanbul prioritizes the patient’s access to treatment and services that will increase their quality of life and the patient’s interest as a corporate policy.

Dent-i Evidence; It cooperates with well-established and most reliable implant brands that have proven themselves with their quality in the international arena in dental implant applications. We provide our patients with a functional and aesthetic smile with the most accurate and appropriate implant recommendations.

In treatments that we call smile design, where aesthetics are at the forefront as well as a functional treatment, materials with superior aesthetics such as zirconium, laminate and e-max are preferred. With state-of-the-art devices and a team with more than 15 years of experience, we bring you the smile you dream of.