In case of tooth loss due to many different reasons (decay, gum problems, etc.), a treatment is sought by asking the question “What can be done to replace the extracted tooth?”

If the bone and gum health in that area is at an appropriate level, the primary treatment method is an implant to replace the lost tooth. Implant treatment is the treatment method closest to the main tooth in terms of function and aesthetics. For information about the implant treatment process, see “How Long Does Implant Treatment Take?”

In cases where the area with a tooth gap is not suitable for implant construction, implants can be made by supporting them with bone powder called “graft”. In cases where this is not possible, the teeth closest to the gap can be worn down and bridge treatment can be applied. In general, teeth can last 10 years or more with the bridge treatment method. However, personal habits, oral care and hygiene, regular check-ups and other factors may affect this period.