Dental implants are the system we apply to our patients to regain their function, aesthetics and health in case of missing teeth. These implants are screws that we place into the bone, made of titanium, which are durable, reliable, hygienic and designed to suit the tissue, and resemble tooth roots.

Is Dental Implant reliable?


The titanium material used in implant construction is a metal structure that does not react with the tissue and is highly biocompatible. Titanium has been used in dentistry for about 50 years. Implants made with good planning, experienced equipment and in an environment with good enough sterilization have a very high success rate if they are well cared for by the patients.

Which patients cannot have implants?

As a result of the consultation information that patients with any systemic disease receive from their doctor, the dentist decides whether or not the implant will be placed.

In what cases is an implant applied?
Implants can be applied to all our patients, whether for a single tooth or for all teeth loss. Our patients can use a successful implant for a lifetime. In addition to completely fixed dentures, dentures with a removable upper structure can also be applied to all our patients with missing teeth. Implants may not be possible for every person; due to bone thickness and proximity to some tissues, some patients can not have implants. If patients without back teeth want a fixed prosthesis, this can only be possible with an implant.

How is the implant applied?
First of all, patients should be examined thoroughly. In addition to the panoramic film, dental tomography can also be taken. After a planning is made, the surgery begins. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia. Each implant takes approximately 10-20 minutes. During implant surgery, implants are placed into the bone and stitches are done. Bone graft or sinus surgery may be required during this operation. After the implants are placed, a waiting period of 2 to 6 months is required (for the implant and the bone to fuse). In some cases, upper dentures can be loaded immediately after the operation.

Implant prosthesis construction

After the bone fusion with the implant is completed, the upper structures are started. Our prosthesis will be completely finished in approximately 7-10 days.