In recent years, very groundbreaking materials and applications have been developed in dentistry. Implants and zirconium infrastructure materials are among the most well-known, preferred and leading applications.

Why should I have zirconium veneers?
This material, which is found in nature and has high biocompatibility, contributes to gum health. In addition, its white color allows light transmission and allows the natural tooth appearance to be captured. This transparent or translucent appearance obtained from an aesthetic perspective gives very positive results.

Being a white METAL, it is superior in terms of durability and more resistant to pressure and tensile forces compared to other infrastructure materials used in dentistry.

Full ceramic coatings used before zirconium might be preferred mainly on the front teeth, but might not be preferred in the molars area due to their weak resistance to chewing forces. Zirconium infrastructure, on the other hand, provides satisfactory results both aesthetically and functionally, thanks to its being more durable than normal metals.